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女人我最大 2016-10-31 手再殘也學得會編髮祕技!
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ON THE BODY Perfume Shower Body Wash Classic Pink 500ml
ON THE BODY 粉紅甜心香水沐浴精 500ml
SGD 32.90
SGD 26.90
Dr.H Mandelic Flower Acid Whitening Toner 120ml
Dr.Hsieh 杏仁花酸植萃美白化妝水120ml
SGD 53.00
SGD 48.20
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髮蠟- Drs Formula510

各式髮飾- OYONE
定型液- Drs Formula510

髮蠟- Fiber Grease

定型液- OSIS+

頭髮保養- Kevin.Murphy
電棒- 私物